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How does the Expoglider work?

The strength of the Expoglider ® is its simplicity. A solid cast “shuttle” glides over a cable along with the participant. This shuttle has a narrow opening that can slide along anchorage points, but is unable to get off the cable. This is without any required action from the participant and without having to detach the safety.

Along the entire route, Expo cables are strung between expo profiles. These special profiles provide a continuous loop and allow bends at almost any angle. This highly flexible system can be mounted on wood, concrete, steel or living trees.

By interrupting the cable in each profile, the load of a fall is captured on a single segment. Thus allowing two people on each bridge at the same time without any difficulty. The whole system is in accordance with the EN-15567-1-standard.

Combined with its ease of use, the Expoglider ® will ensure the safety of great numbers of participants.




History of the Expoglider.

With the classic fall protection, the so-called “cow-tail”, the participant is secured to a cable that is strained above the exercise. However, at each tree or pole the participant has to attach its own security, which involves risks. The law requires continuous sight and the possibility of verbal contact with the supervisor. At large routes the required number of qualified activity leaders soon runs up.

The Expoglider ® is only connected and disconnected on departure and arrival. The participant cannot do this himself/herself without any tools. Therefore, continuously monitoring each participant becomes redundant. This will then reduce the number of supervisors and monthly expenses.

Moreover, the Expoglider ® has been designed for frequent and intense use to reduce wear and tear. Furthermore, the safety loop is constructed in such a way so that worn-out segments can be replaced separately.

Change system.

The change system makes numerous combinations possible. For instance you can manually change the route of the course or opt for premature termination or a short break while on the course in order to let other participants pass by.

The Expoglider ® is simple to operate and it is not possible to disconnect the safety. This means that both little and big children can safely determine their own routes.



Click here to watch a video about how the Expoglider is being used during climbing.